Neocaridina shrimp CareSheet

3 distinct HIGHER GRADE hues of fantastic dwarf shrimp will liven up your tank!

Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, Golden Back Yellow Shrimp, and Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp are all included in this set! Ascend to the pinnacle of the shrimp world! This combination pack is ideal for both small and big aquariums, and it's a terrific way to obtain three different colors of shrimp without spending extra for each one separately! Both hues are bold and lovely, and they pop against plants or any other background.

Both shrimp variants are members of the same species (Neocaridina davidi, previously Neocaridina heteropoda) and survive in similar water conditions. They will also interbreed, and since they are sent as young adults, they will breed fast in your tank. These shrimp will establish a colony that will act as a highly efficient cleaning crew for your tanks, earning their pay and clearing away algae and debris after some time reproducing!

Caridina cantonensis

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