YFS Krill Freeze Dried Tropical Fish Food

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We are quite proud of our Freeze Dried Krill as it is some of the finest krill we have ever seen. Freshly dried and packed it comes straight to your door. One of our most popular foods and for good reason as our freeze dried krill's (Euphausia superba) unique nutritional qualities make it a perfect food for many fish.

An excellent source of natural astaxanthin it will bring out the natural colors of your fish. And it's high protein, lipid and mineral content promote good health and conditioning. Harvested from the clean cool waters of Antartica and dried here in the USA, you will not find a higher quality krill.

All types of fish enjoy krill, from freshwater to saltwater - cichlids to koi. This Antartic Ocean relative of the shrimp is a crustacean, which is part of many fishes natural diet. It can be taken whole by larger fish or crushed by hand for smaller fish.

Euphausia superba

60% Protein
10% Fat
19% Fiber
6% Moisture

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