YFS Mysis Shrimp Freeze Dried Tropical Fish Food

Buy YFS Mysis Shrimp Freeze Dried Description
Mysis Shrimp is a freshwater shrimp type that is very popular with marine fish keepers. Small bite sized pieces that most fish can handle easily. Mysis has high levels of essential fatty acids and HUFA's (highly unsaturated fats). The freeze-drying process helps preserve it's nutritional content.

Mysis shrimp is perfect food for those picky marine fish. And combined with an enrichment like Selcon, will provide an adequate diet for many freshwater and marine animals.

Mysis is also rich in pigment astaxanthin, a carotenoid shown to improve flesh color and exterior coloration of ornamental fish. Our mysis comes packed as large sheets, which can be easily broken into as small or as large a portion as needed.

Mysis Shrimp

Guaranteed Analysis
48% Protein 38% Fat 8% Fiber 6% Moisture
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