Periophthalmus barbarus CareSheet

The Atlantic Mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarus) is a bizarre species that lives in mangrove swamps along the West African coast. The Atlantic Mudskipper is a fascinating, uncommon fish that would make a terrific addition to any quirky fish keeper's collection. Because this unusual fish spends time both on land and in water, they'll need a place to get out of the water. This particular mudskipper species has a beautiful blue dorsal fin and blue spots around its face. Avoid tankmates that are tiny enough to be considered prey since the Atlantic Mudskipper is a predator in nature. It has been shown to consume frozen and live meaty items of reasonable size. Dry feeds are usually not accepted by this fish.

The Atlantic Mudskipper is a robust and amusing fish as long as it is kept in a well-maintained, mature aquarium. It will eat both on land and in the water. It will have no effect on aquarium plants. While it can survive in complete freshwater for a short period of time, it needs at least gently brackish water to thrive in the long run, and we keep this species in brackish water at our facility. Because the Atlantic Mudskipper is aggressive against conspecifics, it's preferable to keep them together as a single fish or in a big group.

Requirements for keeping Periophthalmus barbarus

Temperature: 77º - 86º F (25º - 30° C)
pH: 7.0 - 8.5, though harder water is appreciated
Minimum tank size: 40 gallons for a single specimen or pair, 125+ gallons for a group due to aggression
Origin: West Africa
Average adult size: 6 inches