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Buy Peters's elephant-nose fish Elephant nose fish are native to the rivers of West and Central Africa where in particular concentration in the lower Niger River basin, the Ogun River basin and in the upper Chari River. This species prefers muddy, slowly moving rivers and pools with cover such as submerged branches.

Peters's elephant-nose fish (Gnathonemus petersii) is an African freshwater fish in the genus Gnathonemus. Other common names include elephantnose fish, long-nosed elephant fish, and Ubangi mormyrid, after the Ubangi River. The Latin name petersii suggests it is named after someone called "Peters" (probably Wilhelm Peters), although the apostrophe is often misplaced and the common name given as "Peter's elephant nose fish". This species uses electrolocation to find prey, and has the largest brain-to-body oxygen use ratio of all known vertebrates (around 0.6).

Elephant nose price

You can expect to pay between $15 for Wild Caught Elephant Nose fish that are around 5-6 inches in size. Alternatively, you could pay $39.99 for farm raised Elephant nose fish at 1.5 - 2-inch specimens.

Elephant nose fish temperature

Elephant nose fish are typically kept in water of medium hardness with a pH of 6.8 to 7.2 and a temperature of between 26-28 °C (79-82 °F).

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