Hydrocynus vittatus (African Tiger Fish for Sale)

Buy African Tiger Fish African Tiger fish are omnivores. In the wild they consume all types of fish, crustaceans, including insects. In a home aquarium they tend to prefer live food initially. Once acclimated to their new surroundings they will accept frozen foods and even pellets. This fish prefer live food over frozen or pellet if presented at the same time.

One of the largest and most fearsome predatory freshwater fish species found in Africa's freshwater rivers and lakes, the African Tigerfish is a challenging fish to keep both due to its huge adult size and somewhat delicate temperament. It should really only be kept alone or with other similarly sized members of the same species of fish. H. vittatus require clean, well-oxygenated water and will do best with moderate to high water flow. Recommended only for experienced monster fishkeepers with the largest home aquariums.

Predatory and may attack even larger fish so tankmates should be chosen with care!

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