Microphis brachyurus CareSheet

The Red Line Pipefish (Microphis brachyurus), also known as the Short-Tailed or Opossum Pipefish, is a strange fish related to seahorses. It lives in freshwater, brackish, and marine rivers with little to no water movement, and it hunts extremely tiny invertebrates and fish prey by hiding among plants. Males of this species, like seahorses, have a ventral pouch that is utilized to hold fry eggs. The Red Line Pipefish may live up to 15 years if properly cared for.

Although the Red Line Pipefish is not very aggressive, it is not a good fit for a typical community aquarium. It needs a very low water flow and, if not fulfilled, may be flung about the tank and harmed. It's also slow-moving and vulnerable to food competition. It will thrive in a tank containing slow-moving, tranquil invertebrates that are too big to be considered prey, such as nerite snails. For shelter and security, it should also include some real or fake plants in the tank. This species is currently kept in mildly brackish water.

The most difficult aspect of maintaining the Red Line Pipefish is feeding them. The majority of specimens are adamant about refusing to consume any dry meals, and many are uninterested in frozen items. Scuds, very tiny fish fry, young brine shrimp, blackworms, and other small live meals are recommended for this fish.

Requirements for keeping Microphis brachyurus

Temperature: 75° - 82° F (24° - 28° C)
pH: 7.2 - 8.0
Minimum tank size: 30+ gallons
Origin: Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia
Average adult size: Up to 8 inches