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Buy Giant Gourami The giant gourami (Osphronemus goramy) is a species of large gourami native to freshwater habitats of Southeast Asia, with its occurrence in other locations due to introductions by man. This species is commercially important as a food fish and is also farmed. It is equally as poplular as pets and community tank mates in the aquarium trade. The species has been used for weed control, also on highly invasive aquatic plants like Salvinia molesta, as the giant gourami can be a voracious herbivore. The giant gourami is native to rivers, streams, marshes, swamps and lakes in Southeast Asia, where reported from the lower Mekong of Cambodia and Vietnam, and Chao Phraya and Mae Klong of Thailand, as well as river basins in the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak of Malaysia, and Java, Sumatra and Western Kalimantan of Indonesia.

Osphronemus goramy is capable of breathing moist air and can survive out of water for long periods. It is much larger than most gouramis (only the other Osphronemus species reach a similar size), growing to a maximum standard length of 70 cm (28 in), though most are only around 45 cm (18 in). In color, it is a pale to golden yellow, with silvery, pale blue stripes running vertically along its body. There are also albino and gold varieties available. Females can be identified by their thicker lips. Giant gouramis build nests using weeds and twigs. Read more about Gourami Care Requirements here.

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