Aqualog Piranhas Poster for indentifying different genus and species of piranha fish

Buy piranha species indentification poster
As known from world's famous Aqualog and Terralog reference books, the Aqualog Piranhas Poster is a must have for a petshop offering oddball fish or for the piranha fish hobbyist. This is poster of Piranhas has 20 color photos of the nicest or most interesting Piranhas fishes, genus Serrasalmus, Pygocentrus, Pristobrycon, Pygopristis, Catoprion. Thes are the same quality photos as all the Aqualog books.

This poster is NOT laminated, it is a fold poster, so it will be shipped folded in an envelope, (the poster is in a plastic envelope, so no water damage during transport)!

Great for display in a oddball fish store, hobby room. Also great for educational purposes at college or universities. Size 23" X 16 1/2" (59 X 42 cm).

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