Real Dried Piranha Fish Mount Taxidermy

PIRANHA TAXIDERMY - SERRASALMUS SP. VENEZUELA Awesome Piranha fish Taxidermy from Venezuela mounted on a Wooden Base. Measures about 9" in length, 7.1" in height at it's tallest point and 2.1" at its widest. A larger than usual mount for this species. Has Venezuela imprinted on the base.

Also known as "caribes," piranhas are an omnivorous fish that live in the rivers of South America. They are known for their sharp teeth, the ability to form a disembowling feeding frenzy, and have one of the strongest bite forces amongst bony fishes. You will receive a different specimen of the same amazing quality. It is very hard to travel there and very difficult to export anything like this back into the United States.

The Red Bellied Piranha is found in the Amazon River Basin of South America. Their vicious reputation has earned them quite the stigma, though in reality they are primarily scavengers that search for any food scraps that can be found. Their diet includes small fish, worms and insects, with the ability to scavenge off larger fish as well. The Red Bellied Piranha can grow to lengths exceeding 13" and nearly 8 lbs, while the female piranha often has a deeper, darker red hue on the stomach compared to the male.

Awesome Piranha fish Taxidermy from Venezuela and Brazil

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