New Guinea Datnoid / NGT (Datnioides campbelli) CareSheet

Buy Datnioides microlepis The Sumartra datnoid, Indo Datnoid or Indo Tigerfish can be found throughout Peninsular Malaysia and the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and possibly parts of East Java. In nature, they inhabit a variety of habitat types but are typically found in warm, slow moving stretches of rivers or lakes near to overhanging vegetation. This ambush predator tends to hang motionless in the water waiting for smaller fish or invertebrates to swim by, only to quickly eat them! They use their quick reflexes and huge protrustible jaw to suck their prey into their mouths.

Specimens from Sumatra datnoid are especially colorful and display 4 bars or so making them some of the most poplular of of the Datnoides species in the hobby. They require well oxygenated water and are very sensitive to water quality. So a nice powerful filter and weekly water changes with keep them healthy and happy. These are large aggressive fish with massive dorsal fins. Amazing to look at when the spread their fins. They can be kep with other Datnoids and tankmates which are the same size or larger. Typically you will seem them with fish like arowana. When these fish are scared or nervouse their black bars fade. This can be helpful to understand something is wrong potientally.

Common Names

Sumatra datnoid, Datnioides microlepis, Indonesian Tiger Perch, Indo Datnoid, Indo Tigerfish

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