Humpback puffer (Tetraodon palembangensis) CareSheet

The Humpback Dragon Puffer (Tetraodon palembangensis) is a rare, Southeast Asian "oddball" fish. It is a freshwater species that prefers to live in slow-moving streams. Due of its lazy ambush predator nature, despite its mature size, it does not need a very big tank. It may be a combative fish, yet given the correct circumstances, it can coexist with other fish, even its own species.

The Humpback Dragon Puffer spends most of its time on the substrate, waiting for prey to approach, although it does swim about and examine its surroundings on occasion. It seems to have a peculiar character, as do all puffers. It may be compatible with fast-moving fish, but there's no assurance that if given the chance, it won't go for prey-sized fish. It will usually spend the most of its time in an area it considers to be its territory, which it will actively defend. However, it is said to get along with fish of the right size and temperament as long as there is enough space and shelter for everyone. In this case, decor that produces fragmented lines of sight is crucial.

The Humpback Dragon Puffer typically ignores dry meals, yet groups of this fish may sometimes learn about new food sources by watching one another try them out. Still, relying on dry meals as a mainstay for this fish is not a wise idea. This fish prefers live and frozen meaty meals in proper sizes. Because it eats crustaceans and snails in the wild, it shouldn't be housed alongside dwarf shrimp. On a more positive side, it will cheerfully rid any aquarium of any little snails, especially the "nuisance" snails that often inhabit planted aquariums. If the Humpback Dragon Puffer is not given enough food items with exoskeletons, the "beak" of the animal might get enlarged. Snails and shellfish of various kinds are great for this. Learn more about puffer fish Freshwater Puffer Care Requirements and Tank Selection for Hobbyists.

Because the Humpback Dragon Puffer might expand if exposed to air, it should never be introduced to it. It will frequently be unable to evacuate the air and will finally die as a result.

Requirements for keeping Tetraodon palembangensis

Temperature: 75° - 82° F (24° - 28° C)
pH: 6.8 - 7.6
Minimum tank size: 55 gallons for a single specimen, 100+ gallons for multiple specimens
Origin: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos
Average adult size: 7 - 8 inches