What is the proper archer fish tank size for (Toxotes microlepis)

The best size tank for smallscale archer fish is 55 gallons.

Smallscale archerfish can be raised in 20, 30, and 40 gallon tanks but will have to ultimately benefit in a 55 gallon tank or possibly larger, the key is to go with a tank that is deep.

The reason for this is archer like to travel top surface of the tank looking for prey or food. A 55 gallon has a nice depth of 21 inches. Archer fish are known to spit and even jump out of the water. By using a 55 gallon tank and filling the aquarium to 75 percent water, it leaves space for them to spit or jump up. This is an amazing thing to watch and you will not get bored watching them!

Freshwater Small-Scaled Archerfish One of a handful of species of freshwater archers, the Small Scale or Toxotes microlepis Archerfish is found in freshwater habitat throughout South and Central Thailand. This genus are bold and outgoing surface-dwelling species that is best kept with other similar-sized fish. Small-Scaled Archerfish can be aggressive towards each other if kept in small numbers but its recommended to keep larger groups (5 or more) to coexist peacefully. Like all archerfish, they are surface feeders renowned for their ability to spit water at quite a distance to stun their insect prey from above.

This species is of typical elongated wedge type appearance with a light tan gray color with distinct wide black spots which vary in shape depending on the species. The caudal and anal fin develops yellow colortion. A generally peaceful fish which can eat much smaller fish. Archers aren't very aggressive fish and cohabitate well with non-aggressive similarly sized brackish fish such as scats, monos and green or orange chromides.

What is the smallest species of Archer fish?

The smallscale archerfish (Toxotes microlepis) is the smallest of the genus Toxotes. The maximum size of the small scale Archerfish is 5 to 6 inches. As its name suggests, the scales of the smallscale archerfish are smaller than those of other archerfish species.

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