Vampire tetra for sale

Buy Vampire tetra for sale Vampire tetras also known as a Payara, are one carnivorous fish that feeds on smaller fishes! Check out the video below to experience it. Originally from the Amazon. With its two long fangs on the lower jaw, it resembles a "vampire," hence the name Vampire Tetra!

Its common names are Vampire Tetra, Vampire Characin, Payara Characin, and Sabre Toothed Tiger Fish.

The payara, Hydrolycus scomberoides, is a species of dogtooth tetra. This predatory fish is found in the Amazon Basin in tropical South America. It was the first of four species to be described in the genus Hydrolycus. The payara, which is also sold as the saber tooth barracuda, vampire fish, vampire tetra, or saber tusk barracuda, is a popular species for large, aggressive aquariums. It requires a large aquarium and can only be mixed with relatively large species, as smaller will be seen as potential prey or lunch!

Predatory fish, will take most meaty foods including shrimp and silversides. In the wild they predate on other fish including Piranha. May take some time to wean on to dead food and as an adult they may become exclusively piscavorous.

This is one large fish, it can reach upwards of 12 inches. Specimens have been offered recently in the 8 inch plus range.

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