Indonesian Gold Tigerfish (Datnioides microlepis) CareSheet

Buy Datnioides microlepis The Indonesian Gold Tigerfish (Datnioides microlepis) is a well-known perch species in the aquarium hobby, and a particular favorite among big freshwater predator aficionados. It lives in deep freshwater rivers and, unlike some other datnoid species, is not known to live in brackish or saltwater water. It grows to an amazing mature size and necessitates a big tank, yet it is a lovely decorative fish with exquisite markings.

The Indonesian Gold Tigerfish is a shy species, particularly when it is first introduced to a new tank. It is not a very aggressive fish, but it does have a wide mouth and will consume tiny fish and insects that qualify as food. It is moderately social as a juvenile, but as an adult, it is usually solitary. Adult specimens may be territorial with one another, thus they should only be housed in big groups inside an extremely large tank. While the Indonesian Gold Tigerfish is a resilient species, it demands a big aquarium with lots of room and strong filtration. Decor such as rockwork and driftwood, as well as floating plants, will be welcomed.

The Gold Tigerfish of Indonesia is a predator. It needs a diversified diet to be healthy, and it will most likely need live and frozen meaty items at first. It may eventually tolerate dry meals as well. Compare with Indo Tiger Datnoids and Sumatra Datnoids.

Requirements for keeping Datnioides microlepis

Temperature: 68° - 82° F (20° - 28° C)
pH: 5.5 - 7.5
Minimum tank size: 150 gallons
Origin: Western Indonesia
Average adult size: Up to 18 inches

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